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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Iran، Mohammad Amir Noori Kermani، Mohammad Ali Ahmadian، Mohammad Reza Rezvani، Iranian، Ali Akbar Navaee، Offering، In Islamic Iran، In Iran، Knowing God God

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"Keywords: services, labor force, production, employment The phenomenon of slums and ways to confront it Dr. Mohammad Ali Ahmadian In developing countries areas are developed around big cities where poor people live in squalid conditions. The experience of the countries that have managed to keep employment Rural development and its importance for fighting poverty and offering services to villagers and farmers Dr. Mohammad Reza Rezvani Today poverty and deprivations are two of the most important problems the country is faced with. Keywords: Offerings services, removing poverty, rural development yield good results, especially in the economic sector. Keywords: management traditions, natural and human resources, removing poverty, link between modern knowledge and management traditions, geographical optimization, dimension of deprivation, meritocracy Offering public services in a culture based on the idea of work Mohammad Amir Noori Kermani A society can claim to offer public services that places great value on work. Traditional management and removing poverty from Iranian villages Dr. Seyed Hassan Hosseini Abri The Iranian rural society has, for various natural and human reasons, tried to stick to the economic behavior, social customs, cultural beliefs and the experience of the former generations. The objectives and duties of the judiciary as defined in the constitution Dr. Farhad Parvin In view of the population boom in recent decades and the complexity of social and economic issues and the relationships between individuals, the need of the society to the judiciary for settling the problems of real and actual persons has not only not decreased but has been increasing to such an extent that the staff of the judiciary, though trying their best, is not able to deal with all of them."

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