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price and expenditure elasticities of demand for domestic tourism in iran: the case of hamedan province


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AIDS ،Hamedan Province ،import demand ،Domestic Tourism ،Cross section Data

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Expenditure Elasticities Demand Domestic Tourism ، Elasticities Demand Domestic Tourism Iran ، Hamedan ، Iran ، Almost Ideal Demand System ، Price Expenditure Elasticities Demand ، Demand ، AIDS ، Tourism ، An Almost Ideal Demand System

Domestic tourism has an important role in socio-economic development in several ways including creating jobs and improving income distribution. Although several researches have been done on tourism demand, a small proportion of them have been on domestic tourism. In this paper, the price and expenditure elasticities of the household demand for domestic tourism in Iran, focusing on the case of Hamedan Province, are estimated by the Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) model. The data set used is of a cross-section type and has been collected from Hamedan tourists regarding their domestic trips. This data set includes 504 domestic tourist households that their trips last at least one overnight in Hamedan province in summer of 2003. The expenditure elasticity results for food, accommodation, transportation, visit fees (entrance fees to enter the points of interest), and souvenirs commodity groups are estimated by about 1.34, 1.32, 1.47, 0.36 and 0.47, respectively, and for total trip to provinces were close to one. The price elasticities of demand for the five commodity groups and for total trips to provinces are less than one. This implies that an increase in the total budget of the household yearly trips would be allocated by a smaller proportion to Hamedan trip as compared to other provinces. Another implication is that an increase in the price of visit fees, for example, can increase the total receipts to compensate the high costs of repair and maintenance of the valuable points of interest

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"Price and Expenditure Elasticities of Demand for Domestic Tourism in Iran: The Case of Hamedan Province 1 Javad Mir-Mohammad Sadeghi* Seyed Komail Tayebi** Mohammad Jamshidi*** Abstract Keywords: - The earlier draft of this paper was presented (as a Background paper) at the Economic Research Forum 11th Annual Conference 14-16 December, 2004, Beirut, in which the paper received the Best Policy Paper Award. Bound The purpose of the present research is to estimate the price and expenditure elasticities of demand for the household domestic tourism in Iran using cross-section data and the Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) model. The estimation of all of the seven regressions were repeated while adding such control variables as age and education level of the household members, type of employment of the household head, distance of their home to Hamedan, size of the home city (small, large, or the center of the provinces), household annual income, types of the points of interest they visited, type of trip accommodation, and type of their residence in home city. Table 4: Expenditure and price elasticities of domestic demand using the estimated coefficients (βi and γij) and the mean values (wi) for five commodities of Hamedan trip, and for whole Hamedan trip in summer of 2003, and for trips to other provinces in year 2003 Commodities in Hamedan trip Food Accommodation Transportation Visit Fees Souvenir Whole Hamedan trip Other Provinces Expenditure Elasticities 1. 4- Conclusion The purpose of this research was to estimate the expenditure and price elasticities of demand for the household domestic tourism in Iran, being particularly connected with Hamedan province, using cross-section data and the AIDS model."

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