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"Keywords: chain of arrangements and mediators, mystical proximate agent in its particular sense, encompassing distinction, non delimitation of the source of division (itlaq maqsami), Unity of divine Acts. The present article deals with four topics: Tirmidi’s life and works, his relation with Sufi movements, theory of sainthood and his influence upon later mystics. Etymology of Sufism and mysticism in the first hegira century Ahmad Ranjbari This article deals with the origins of mysticism and Sufism and the terms mystic and Sufi (in the first hegira century) relating most of the possibilities Abstracts Rational Justification of Multiplicity on the assumption of individual unity of being By Husain Ushshaqi Adhering to the principle of non-multiplicity of being, the question arises as to how the pluralities are to be rationally justified so as not to face the charge of the denial of the reality of possible facts."

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