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علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت بهداشت)/ISC (11 صفحه - از 94 تا 104)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Tehran University Medical Sciences Health ، University Medical Sciences Health Services ، ADHD ، Psychiatric Disorders Families ADHD Children ، Tehran Psychiatric Institute ، Child ، Beheshti University Medical Sciences ، Psychiatrist ، Khorramabad ، Health Education

خلاصه ماشینی:

"A. *** Abstract Objectives: This research evaluated the efficacy of Yoga as a method in treatment of obse- ssive-compulsive disorder (OCD) patients who were under standard medications. A. ** Abstract Objectives: The aim of present project was to investigate efficacy of social skills training on adjusting behaviors of mild mentally retarded children. Results: Social skills training improves adjusting behaviors of mild mentally retarded child- ren. D. * Abstract Objectives: The present study was conducted to compare the prevalence of behavioral dis- orders among children in single child families vs. Findings: The subjects from multiple children, much more than the ones from the single child families, exhibited higher prevalence of conduct disorder according to the parents’ re- ports and higher prevalence of ADHD and other behavioral disorders according to the tea- cher’s reports. Results: This study did not confirm the popular belief that the children of single child fa-milies suffer from higher prevalence of behavioral disorders. Findings: This evaluation showed that the most common psychological factors in sexual functional disorders were lack of enough training on sexual activities and insufficient sex- ual information, insufficient foreplay, incompatibility in relationship in general, unreason-able sexual beliefs, weak connection regarding needs or anxieties of each of the partners, presence of sexual disorder in sexual partner, anxiety about sexual performance and fear of lack of success in the sexual relationship, disturbed family relations and constricting parenting style, having unpleasant sexual experiences prior to marriage, guilt feeling about sexual intercourse because of its contradiction with religion, anxiety and depression."

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