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Article in english: journal of religous thought: a quarterly of shriaz university NO.24, autumn 2007

علمی-پژوهشی/ISC (22 صفحه - از 139 تا 160)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Plantinga ، SSRK ، Christian ، Holy Spirit ، And Plantinga Holy Spirit ، Response Facts Religious Pluralism ، Faith ، To Christian Holy Spirit ، This Holy Spirit ، Warranted Christian Belief

خلاصه ماشینی:

"This, I take it, is a strength of my view since it does not allow the racist to claim that he is behaving in an epistemically responsible fashion so long as he takes his racist beliefs to be basically justified by his feelings of moral conviction; rather, my view forces the racist to either provide independent evidence for his belief that he has a special source of moral knowledge (and I am highly skeptical that this is a live option), or to withdraw his experience-based belief in racism. 1. Plantinga's Burden I concluded the previous section of the paper with the demand that religious exclusivists who base their beliefs on non-perceptual religious experience either provide independent support for the claim that they have a special source of religious knowledge, or relinquish their particular form of religious exclusivism. Note that this demand follows directly from principles that Plantinga explicitly endorses: the potential defeater for the experience-based religious belief is derived from the principle of testimony, and the independence constraint on neutralizers constrains the availability of neutralizers to those provided by independent evidence. 4. Why Plantinga's Response is Unsuccessful: The Independence Constraint on Neutralizers In the last section of the paper I showed that Victor's testimony provides a potential defeater for Faith's belief that Christian doctrine is true (i. 24, AUTUMN 2007 Critical Examination of Plantinga's Defense of Christian Exclusivism Dr. Amir Hesan Karbasizadeh* Abstract The argument that I have presented in this paper is not that any experience-based religious exclusivist, including Faith, has false religious beliefs; rather, I am arguing that without evidentially independent support that she has a special source of religious knowledge that her opponents lack, her exclusivist beliefs will stand defeated."

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