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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Jesus Christ Messianism Muslims، The Question Metaphysics Kant Heidegger، Jesus Christ Quranic Prophet Muhammad، Ontology Philosophy Heidegger Mulla Sadra، The Divine Prophet Muhammad، The Jesus Christ Muslims، The Kant Heidegger Hence، Heidegger Mulla Sadra A Comparative، University Qom، Mirdamad Mulla Sadra

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Keywords: cosmology, originality of existence, essential moment, temporality of the universe Ontology in the Philosophy of Heidegger and Mulla Sadra A Comparative study Davood MuhammadianiMaster in philosophy, University of Tehran Ontology is one of the most important issues in the western philosophy which is neglected in the modern period. The Statues of Reason in Mathnawi Muhammad Fouladi and Muhammad Reza Yosofi The University of Qom The present paper concerns Mowlana''''s views of the intellect. Ph. D; Hojatoleslam Sadeq Larigani; Mostapha Mohaqqeq Damad, Ph. D; Hojatoleslam Abdollah noorani; Jafar Shahnazari, Ph. D; Muhammad Zabihi, Ph. D Internal director and editorial - board director: Mosa Ghamarzadeh Editor: Ali-Akbar Ali-Zadeh staff: Alireza Moazzami Typesetting: Mohammad-Ali Mohammadi @ 7748802 Printing: shariat Cover design: Al-Zahra Advertisment Co. Note The journal Philosophical- Theological Researche accepts papers on the Western and Islamic philosophy, modern and Islamic theology, mysticism, and ethics."

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