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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Hadith Scholarship Amali Sayyid Murtada، Aban Abi Ayyash Book Salim، Abi Ayyash Book Salim Qays، Sources Hadith Scholarship Amali Sayyid، The Narrator Book Salim Qays، METHODS OF HADITH SCHOLARSHIP، Majlisis Method Hadith Scholarship، Contemporary Hadith Scholarship Ahl Sunna، Hadith Scholarship، HADITH SCHOLARSHIP

خلاصه ماشینی:

"KEYWORDS: E×OTERIC CRTICISM, RELIABILITY, BIOGRAPHY, VIEWS In this article, the author through a hadith-theological study tries to prove that there is no contradiction between the related traditions and the angels infallibility and their relative detachment from the world. The author of this paper comes up with the abovementioned char Abdulhadi Mas`udi Majlisis Method of Hadith Scholarship Allama Mohamad Taqi Majlisi in his book Rawdat al-Muttaqin __ a commentary on Shaykh Saduqs book Man La Yadaruh al-Faqih __ utilized some rules of hadith scholarship which are the main concern of the present article. KEYWORDS: HADITH SCHOLARSHIP, MAJLISIS METHODS, FIQHS PRINCIPLES AND RULES *** Alinaqi Khodayari Methods and Sources of Hadith Scholarship in Amali of Sayyid Murtada This article is concerned with al-Amali one of the significant works of Sayyid Murtada (the great theologist, jurisprudent, and traditionist of the fifth century AH) in which Sayyid Murtada interpret allegorical and ambiguous verses and hadiths."

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