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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Study Comparison Attributional Styles ، Zohreh Khosravi Zahra Mahdifar Abstract ، The Study Some Factors Which ، State Anxiety Inventory Attributional ، Ego Identity Marcia ، Ego ، Identity ، Tehran ، Erikson ، Marcia ' Paradigm

خلاصه ماشینی:

"High School Girls' Attitudes Towards Mathematics & The Study Some of the Factors Which Influence & Form These Attitudes Farideh Soleimanee Nasab Abstract This study, using qualitative research methods in fild work, aims to the following goals: 1- Developing an accurate picture of girls' attitudes towards mathematics. The survey of the effects of retraining attribution and learning strategy on the mathematical achievements of fifth grade student's ofprimary schools in Shiraz Dr. Zahra Darvizeh, Dr. Zohreh Khosravi and Soheila Jahedi Abstract The main objective of this research is to improve student's mathematics achievement in the primary fifth grade, through"retraining attribution"and"Learning strategies"methods. Hypotheses which investigated in this research were: 1)The students who recieve attribution instruction will have higher mathmatics achievement than the Control group. The Study and Comparison of Attributional Styles of Anxious(Traits-State Anxiety)and Normal Girl Student of Tehran Dr. Zohreh Khosravi and Zahra Mahdifar Abstract The Purpose of the present study is to compare attributional styles of anxious(traits- state anxiety)and normal individuals."

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