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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The `` Tolerance Persian Literature ، Persian Words Appearing Poetry Abu ، The Persian Words Appearing Poetry ، Research Proper Noun Appearing Shahnameh ، Tolerance Persian Literature ، Contemporary Persian Literature ، ARTICLES ، The Word Relationship Society Knight ، A Research Proper Noun Appearing ، Kalileh Demneh

خلاصه ماشینی:

"In her etymological examination of the word, the writer has compared certain fundamental rituals common among the Society of Young Men before and after Islam. Q n a b r u i Zn i r r a AbuÎ TammaÎm TÊaÎ''''ãÎ is among the most celebrated poets of the Abbasid era, his poetry ranking high in Arabic literature. In this paper, the writer identifies and discusses the Persian words found in the divan of AbuÎ TammaÎm TÊaÎ''''ãÎ, some of which have also been used by the poets of later generations. In this paper, the writer presents a general sketch based on evidence from Persian literature. Kondro or Kandro (A Research on a Proper Noun Appearing in the Shahnameh) Ch. Mi a l w o In a line from FerdowsãÎ''''s The Shahnameh, the name of the mythical creature Kondro/ Kandro, has based on a popular understanding, been interpreted as meaning ``walking slowly''''''''. In this paper, the writer presents evidence to the contrary, showing that FerdowsãÎ had no such reading of the word."

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