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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Ferdowsi University Mashhad، According Islamic Retribution Law، University، Faculty Theology، The Jefr Jame، The Retribution Law، Jame، Ferdowsi Unversity Mashhad، Shi، Ph

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The following points are emphasized in this article: i) Theory of identity and the representative character of knowledge ii) Critical analysis of perfection of soul through identity with the cognitive forms, which is in contradiction with the idea of activeness of the soul iii) Premises of the theory of identity and the effects of doubts about the premises on the theory iv) The results of the theory in terms of practice and faith, and in terms of whether understanding issues such as resurrection of the body and embodiment of deeds depends on accepting the theory Key Words: knower, known, knowledge of the other, knowledge of the essence, transformation, essence, accident, in potency, in actuality, seeking perfection, matter, form, first perfection, secondary perfection, abstraction, correlation, illuminative relation, agent, in occurrence and subsistence, ranks, resurrection of the body, embodiment of deeds, power of the mind A. Key words: retaliation, one-fifth of blood money, multiple blood-wits, Article 264 of Islamic Retribution Law On the Validity of a Sick Person’s Confession according to the Five Juridical Schools of Islam H. Key Words: Jame’ah, Jefr, the Scroll of Ali, the Scroll of Fatimah, chain of transmitters, Shi’a jurisprudence Judgment of a Follower and a Relative Legist (Jurist) M. Key Words: judgment, juridical exertion, following, relative exertion, government, consensus, conjecture, generalities, verdict, the Quran, Prophetic practice Multiple Blood-wits and Fulfillment of Blood Vengeance A. Va’ez Zadeh Khorassani Faculty of Theology Ferdowsi University of Mashhad This article begins with an analysis of the effect of religious practices and traditions on the canon laws enforced among nations in the past."

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