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فهرست مقالات


علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم)/ISC (8 صفحه - از 175 تا 182)

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Mulla Sadra in his interpretation for this verse believes that the meaning of teaching the names of Allah (Asmaa’ul Allah) to Adam (peace be upon him) is the manifestation of man for the names and attributes of Allah and comprehending all man’s knowledge and shows that how man’s universality can make him be worthy of being the vicegerent on earth and achieving to the position of and Cosmic Guardianship (Vellayat Takvini - Creational Guardianship). The First Creature in the Islamic Traditionsand Two Different Approaches ( Sayyed Ali Husseini Sharif (An academic member at Ferdowsi University) ( Gholam Ali Moghadam (A PhD student of Islamic Theology & Philosophy) "perfection and welfare" in its positive meaning is in the ultimate degree but it does not exist in this meaning for the other souls like absolute perfection, the Sadrian’s view must not be perfect (complete) to justify the death happening and its opponents’ view meaning the current view of the followers of Zahir, naturalist doctors and materialists should be chosen that they believe the senescence (the breakdown of the physical body) is the sole cause for death happening. A of Islamic Theology & Philosophy) A llameh Tabataba’i planned (aimed) to prove a type of fixed (absolute) and unchanging perceptions during the passing of time that in the light of them, he was able to provide preparations for capacity of the prophet, active intellect or the "giver of forms" (wahib al-suwar), celestial souls and their knowledge to the details of the natural sphere, the continuity of the prophet’s soul to the imaginal world (al-’alam al-mithal) or contiguous imagination and the same root (origin) of the revelation and ro’ya (dream)."

برای مشاهده محتوای مقاله لازم است وارد پایگاه شوید. در صورتی که عضو نیستید از قسمت عضویت اقدام فرمایید.