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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Jahez Iranian Persian Jahez Iran، This Human Rustam Esfandiar Story، A Khosro Shirin Ferdowsi Nezami، Shahname Khosro Shirin، Rustam Esfandiar Story، The Sadi Claimant Persian، Khosro Shirin، University، Iran، Islamic Creek Souhravardi

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Opposed to the mentioned viewpoints, this essay brings the priority of the concept and meaning over the language in mystical texts into sharp focus and reveals that revelation, understanding, interpretation and explanation of the meaning have priority over the terms and appropriateness of the language. It seems that the secret of readers’ intention to read Daneshvar’s works lies in the fact that she has created the prominent works by reliance on her special literary ability, aesthetics knowledge, initiative and honesty in literature creations, and also enjoys the ability for artistic and literature recreation while taking advantage of mythic heritance and Islamic valuable cultural resources. Analyzing the Iranian, Islamic and Creek reflection components in Souhravardi’s interpretation upon the Rustam and Esfandiar Story By: Dr. Ghodratollah Taheri IHSSR Although, interpretation of the anecdotes has thousands – year history in the west and it is now considerable in the west literature, it has not been paid so much attention in Iran classic literature due to some reasons including their being profane. This article tries to show this great genius attempts for linking the Human thinking follows reflected in his interpretation from the Rustam and Esfandiar Story, revealing and the reasons for such interpretation while showing the elements of the cultures said above. This article is aimed at revealing two points: first, analyzing, interpreting, classifying and studying Jahez’s literature and criticism works and expressing his status as the founder of rhetoric sciences."

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