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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Social Policy، Iran، Iran The Criticism Copenhagen Convention، Social Policy Social Services، Social Policy Non Government Organizations، Social Capital Social Policy، Social Policy Family، Necessity Iran The Criticism Copenhagen، Social Policy Health، Socio

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Social Policy and Social Services (Social Work) Ezat-Allah Sam-E Aram* Despite the fact that social working was founded 45 years ago in Iran, and thousands of experts in this field have been graduated from different universities all over the country, but the decision makers and policy designers of social services and welfare have not found a clear definition and field of activity for social programs. The main hypothesis of new literature in social development is the fact that “nongovernmen organizations” as the carriers of social capital, can represent a high potential to promote the level of social development, The subject of this article is introducing these organization, their development renovation conditions, and overview of several international experiences. Keywords: Islam, Social Policy _______________________________ * Ph. D in Sociology Socio-Economic Development: Two Faces of a Coin Habibe Jabari* One of the most important problems that developing countries have confronted with, is the fact to improve the social welfare and the standard of people''''s lives without having any negative influence on economic development. The article believes that there is a kind of relationship and considers them as two faces of a coin interacting with each other, and in order to continue a positive relationship, it tries to represent a comprehensive approach toward development Keywords: Social Development, Social Indicator, Socio- Economic Development _______________________________ * Ph. D Student in Development Sociology Basic Concepts in social Welfare Issues (Social Policy, Social Support, Social Security) Farshid Yazdani* The concepts “Welfare” and “Security” while combined by the concept “Social” are of new ones born during modern developments."

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