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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Imam Khumeini ، Quddisa Sirruh ، By Shaykh Muhammad Mahdi At ، The Imam Khumeini ، What Imam Khumeini ، In Imam Khumeini ، Then Muslims America ، Theory Imam Khumeini ، By Muhammad Se ، The Revolution Iran

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The writer has continued to submit several other questions which the writer himself has answered all of them together in detail, throughout the subject Imam Khumeini''''s Viewpoint in the Struggle (Conflict) between Arrogance and the Deprived Nations By Shaykh Muhammad Mahdi At-Taskhiri Editor - in- Chief of the Risalatut-Taqrib Journal The lslamic Revolution of Iran has made a Prominent (distinctve) turning point in the contemporary history. At the world arena the new technical terms and conceptions which have been submitted, have changed the outlook of the world in general, and especially the Muslims towards the bases on which the revolutions are The elements of the firm, constant cooperation are: The human dignity and honour, paying respect for human variation and diversity, establishing justice, observing principle of peace, benefaction and kindness to people, causing no harm or damage to others, doing good and benevolence, observing of the covenant or fulfilment of the promise, and having good neighbourhood."

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