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علمی-پژوهشی (حوزه علمیه)/ISC (9 صفحه - از 231 تا 239)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Reza Abbasi Museum ، Muwallidun Islamic Spain ، Assistant Professor ، Qayth Hal ، Mu ، Faculty Theology ، Ferdowsi University ، The Issuance Occasions Traditions Seven ، Issuance Occasions Traditions Seven Letters ، Theology , Ferdowsi

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Words and Diacritical Marks of the Verse of Wuḍū from Bigotry to Reality Dr. Yḥyā Ma‘rūf, Assistant Professor Faculty of Literature, Razi University of Kermanshah One day in the Translation Techniques class some students inquired about the translation of verse 6 of chapter Al-Mā''''ida, "Wash your faces and your hands up to the elbows, and wipe a part of your heads and your feet unto the ankles. According to issuance occasions, since the Qur''''an learners are different from each other in various aspects – particularly in lingual and intellectual aspects – and since the Qur''''an''''s methods of instruction have been formed on the basis of the two principles of its "oral and generative language" and the "psychological process of its learning", these traditions seek to explain and implement the principle of "simplifying" instruction of the Qur''''an as the instruction of a language as well as spreading the expanse of Qur''''an reading (qarā’a) (= morphology of the words, verses, and chapters) based on the maintenance and preservation of its regular structure and attention to the overall trend of the discourse, i. Given the importance of the issue, the writer has proceeded to explain the meaning of siyāq and to delineate its status in tafsīr (interpretation), its role in discovering the meanings of the words and verses of the Qur''''an, the acceptance and rejection of exegetical traditions, the traditions of revelation occasion, determination of the antecedents, as well as reviewing the opinions of the interpreters from the viewpoint of the interpreter of Al-Mīzān. The Role of Context in Discovering the Meanings of the Qur''''an from the Viewpoint of the Interpreter of Al-Mīzān Dr. Sayyid ‘Alī Akbar Rabī‘ Nattāj, Assistant Professor Mazanderan University Grasping the lofty concepts of the Qur''''an requires deliberation on verses before and after the verse in question and paying In Search of Salīm b."

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