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ISC (5 صفحه - از 140 تا 144)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Imam Ali، Expediency Tho Cond Imam Ali، Political Legitimacy According Imam Ali، Islamic Movements Islamic Revol، The Achievments Islamic Revol Iran، A Comparative St Imam Ali، Th، The Islamic Revol Iran، Islamic Revol Iran، After Islamic Revol Iran

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The decline of legitimancy, Imam Ali believes, is the res u lt of two major ca u ses: one is the u se of political power in order to disobey God and the other in the weakening or obliteration of people''''s tr u st and consent. To name some of the res u lts one can mention the rendering of a practical model of religio u s r u le, the formation of modern intellect u al and political trends in Islam, the revival of Islamic movements the East, and the reacq u isition of religion and national identity. As a res u lt we sho u ld j u dge Imam Ali as one who gave priority to his obligations so that his sedentary years, his stopping of the war of Seffin and ofther similar acts were expedient meas u res in accordance with the overall nat u re of his obligations. e. God, d u ty, worker, and sit u ation mixing god- orientation with task-oriented and worker’s-oriented dimensions, invigorating the lifeless body of leadership theories, recognizing the h u man dimension and evol u tion of workers, flexibility of the leader, ind u cing a long-term view of mankind, heeding the path and the goal of workers, conformity with the system of creation and nat u re, emphasizing God as a major factor and foc u sing on cons u ltation and the significance of experienced personalities ."

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