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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Syed Husain Mir Moezzi، Credit Cards Light Fiqh Shariah، Islamic State Monetizing Budget، The Responsibilities Limitations Islamic State، Economic Justice Plato، Moslem، The Plato Aristotle، The Role State، State، Although Shariah

خلاصه ماشینی:

"labor supply in Islamic economic Syed Husain Mir Moezzi Using the classical work- leisure model, this paper assesses the labor supply of a Moslem individual in ijara (hiring) and musharakah (participatory) labor markets and presents the labor supply function and labor supply curve and the aggregate supply of an Islamic economy. Keywords: Justice, Economic justice, Law, Seemliness The Responsibilities and Limitations of an Islamic State in Monetizing Budget Deficit Mohammad Ismaeil Tawassoli Budget deficit policy is one of development plan instruments, however, monetizing it may result in sever inflations which in turn, leads to unjust income distribution and disarrayed monetary function. Keywords: budget deficit, monetary policy, monetization of budget deficit, Islamic state, policy of payment coordination Ccooperative Economic in Islam Gholamreza Sarabadani Due to its effects on the realization of social justice and acceleration of growth trend, cooperative economy, as one of the major economic sectors in the Islamic republic of Iran, occupies a high status and importance."

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