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ISC (7 صفحه - از 196 تا 202)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Mohamad Ali Farahani Fard ، Syed Husain Mir Moezzi ، Hasane Funds ، Imam Ali ، Studying Imam Ali ، In Imam Ali ، The Imam Ali ، Central Bank Iran ، Their Central Bank ، Islamic Countries

خلاصه ماشینی:

"They also failed in providing pure life, essential needs and the decrease of ______________________________ * This paper is final chapter of "Islam and Economic Challenge" compiled by professor UMAR CHAPRA and Translated by: Economy Department of Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought. Key words: Qarz –al- Hasane Funds, money and capital market, liquidity, multiplier. The Evaluation of Qarz-al-Hasane Funds'''' Performance in Money and Credit Market of the Country Dr. Ali Hassanzadeh And Mahindokht Kazemi These funds which started to establish since 1967 with a political-revolutionary and economic point of view, and continued their operations under the supervision of Islamic Economy Organization as official institutions after the victory of Islamic Revolution, are now regarded as an intricate for the economy of Iran. The problem of bankruptcy of these institutions is going to become as a nation-wide crisis and in addition to negative effects on the economy, it has dangerous social consequences for the money and capital market of the country. Their activities are not under the control of the Central Bank, and create disorder in the money and capital market and some times work on opposite direction of monetary policies. So central bank should always control the kind and amount of qarzolhasane institution activities; so that central bank could consider them in economics monetary macro policies. Key words: loan, qarzolhasane, qarzolhasane fund, saving deposites, draft deposites, qarzolhasane loans Qarzolhasane: traditional – interpretive approach Majid Habibian Naghiby The back ground of qarzolhasane is as long as human''''s social life."

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