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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Arab Africa Maghrib Fatimi Khilafah، This Arab Africa Maghrib Fatimi، Khilafah Arab Africa Arab Maghrib، Arab Africa Arab Al Maghrib، Commercial Situation Arab Africa Arab، The Commercial Situation Arab Africa، The Muslims Khazars، The Gharmatians Iran، Fatimi Khilafah Dr، The Fatimi Khilafah

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"lbn e tumart''''s movement which began calling for an equal and harmonious community later took a political nature, because of the fast changing conditions of the time, and succeeded to establish the Muslim Berber state with its capital at Tinmel in the end. This article tries to examine the role that the trade routes and centers of Arab Africa and Maghrib had played in the establishment of the Fatimi Khilafah. The Commercial Situation of Arab Africa and Arab Al Maghrib and its Role in the Establishment of the Fatimi Khilafah Dr. Mohammad-Ali Chelongar Following two decades of religious, political, and military activity and invitation in Arab Africa and al Maghrib, the The Muslims and the Khazars Negar Zeilabi The Khazars were a nation of Turkic origin and language who from the 7th to lOth centuries A."

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