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علمی-ترویجی/ISC (9 صفحه - از 247 تا 255)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Iran، The Development Islamic Library Collections، The Development The Islamic Collections، Muh، The Collection Correspondence، Asra، Makhzan، Sha، Sharh، Qa

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The first chapter includes matters, some explanations has been presented about Naqshbandiyah order and Khawjah ،Ubaydullah AhÊraËr, The Collection of Correspondence and introducing this copy and letter writers. D. This book, in fact is alphabetic and translated form The Collection of Correspondence which its manuscript copy reserved at BiËruËniË Oriental Studies Institute in Tashkent and includes 594 letters by 16 people''''s handwriting from shaykhs and leaders of Transoxania and Khorasan, addressed to MiËr ،AliË ShiËr NavaËiË (841 or 844 - 906 A. Munsha''''aËt-i ،AsÊr-i SÊafaviË (The unique historiography of the West Christianity in Persian) Dr. Muhammad Reza Vasfi A manuscript collection called Munsha''''aËt-i ،AsÊr-i SÊafaviË is reserved at the Central Library of Tehran University which its writing has been started in 1018 A. The author at the continuance of his article, has considered the kind of composing and reports and mentioned handwritten letter writing and by pointing to some reasons, has expressed that the text composed by Catholic and Christian Carmelites, should be known as the first composed reports by new Persian language Western learners in literature history of Iran. Nevertheless a valuable collection of moral-poletical advice letters, Persian medical texts and a treatise in classification of science with his handwriting has remained in a manuscript copy numbered 5297 at Istanbul FaËtihÊ Library which has written in IsÊfahaËn, middle ages 614-624 A. The present article, regarding to the extent of the existed sources, at first has said about development of rational sciences in Islamic middle centuries of IsÊfahaËn, and then , considers the theme of the treatise of al-SharafiËyya fiË TaqÊaËsiËm al-،UluËm al-YaqiËniËya."

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