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علمی-ترویجی/ISC (11 صفحه - از 273 تا 283)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Na، Persian Persian The National Library، Persian The National Library Paris، Iran، India، Muh، Sha، Akbar Sha، Kha، Tehran

خلاصه ماشینی:

"First part: The conquest of Sind by muslims and the events from then on in the Abbasid and Umayids era, Second part: mentioning the names of kings who rulled on Sind, Third parts: Rullers of ArghuËniËyah and their wars, Fourth part: Transferring of sovereignty to the Timurids in Akbar ShaËh era till the time of writing this book. The third and fourth part of TaËriËkh-i Sind which mostly related to the events of the author''''s period, includes new and The oldest Persian translation of this story that we have is by elegance and abbreviation of NizÊaËm al-DiËn ShaËmiË (after 806 A. BiluËhar Va BiyuËzÊasf And Its Story By: Dr. MahÊmuËd AËbidiË The old and wisely story of BiluËhar Va BiyuËzÊasf, which its origin apparently is from India, not only has been paid attention by Muslims specially some Shi،ite scholars but also has been translated into Greek since the early years of Islam and in a form of religious story has found its way into Christianity world and through this way its fame increased everyday and has been narrated into many other languages. D. ), includes some matters on editing to outside ones and creditable centers together for exchanging microfilms of manuscripts and transfering experience in the field of cataloguing styles and education, establishing specialized libratories for recognizing different elements, of manuscriptology like ink, colour, paper, ... In JahaËngiËr ShaËh era, according to his interests, different tendencies were created like portraiting, TÊabiË،yyaËt by ،Umar KhayyaËm By: ParviËz AzÂkaËiË Refering to the remained works by KhayyaËm, We realized that in the field of matters related to natural theosophy, nothing has remained except a brief treatise."

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