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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Relevance Consolidated Abstracts ، Tehran Stock Exchange ، The Evaluation Investors Overreaction In ، Financial Statements Information ، Iran ، Overreaction ، The Impact Firm ، Accrual Figuers ، Ratios Flow Accrual ، Mohhammad Reza Nikbakht

خلاصه ماشینی:

"To accomplish this, two metric models of Multiple Auditing Analysis and Logistic Regression are used, and their predictive power for bankruptcy of present companies of Tehran Stock Exchange is evaluated. The Impact of Firm-specific Attributes on the Relevance in Earnings and Cash Flows: Iranian Case By: Omid Poorheidari(Ph. D)& Mahmood Kohansal Abstract The role of accounting information in setting security prices is one of the most fundamental issues in accounting. Secondly, we investigate how firm-specific attributes such as size, leverage and firm life-cycle influence the relative relevance of accounting measures (earnings and cash flows). The Evaluation Investors Overreaction In the Tehran Stock Exchange(TSE) By: Mohhammad Reza Nikbakht(Ph. D)& Mehdi Moradi Abstract One of the assumptions of efficient market is that investors react to new information."

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