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چکیده های انگلیسی

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خلاصه ماشینی:

"Some conmmenlators believe that the economic burden of family life These scholars Contents Prayers in the Qur''''an Dr. Mahin Sharifi Esfahani9··· Analytical Study of Qavvamiyym in the Verse Dr. Fatima Allai Rahmani··· 24 Orientalists and the New Approaches to the Compilation of the Holy Qur''''an Forugh Parsa··· 52 Terms and Conditions of Understanding Told by the Prophet''''s Household or the Ahuil Beit (AS) Dr. Majid MÆa''''ref··· 72 Iranian Woman and their Roles in Spreading of Hadith and its Science Dr. Nahleh Gharavi-Naeeni··· 95 The Bibliography of the Qur''''anic World Bahaedin Khromashahi··· 130 "Quranic Studies" Part 4: Some Methodological Notes Andrew Rippin, Translated into Perasin By Morteza Karimi-nia··· 146 A Review of the Translation of the Qur''''an Done by Muhammad Mahdi Fuladvand Dr. Reza Rostami··· 158 In the Presence of Ostad `Allame Martyr Morteza Mottahari Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Hojati··· 173 Abstracts3··· TahÊqãÎqaÎt-e `UluÎm-e Qur''''aÎn wa HÊadãÎth Volume 1, No. 1, Spring 1383 (2004) Editor in Chief: Dr Abdulkarim Bi-Azare Shirazi Managing Director: Dr Parvin Baharzadeh Editorial Board Dr. Parvin Baharzadeh, Professor, Az-Zahra University Dr. Abdulkarim Bi-Azare Shirazi. Professor, Az-Zahra University & Chancellor at University of Different Islamic Sects Closeness Dr. Soheila Jalali Kondori, Professor, Az-Zahra University Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Hojati, Full Professor University of Tehran Dr. Zahra Shadi Nafisi, Professor, University of Qur''''anic Sciences and Hadith Dr. Fatima Allai Rahmani, Professor, Az-Zahra University Dr. Nahleh Gharavi Naeeni, Professor, Tarbiat Moddarres University Dr. Muhammad Ali Mahdavi Rad Professor, Tarbiat Moddarres University English Translator and Editor: Turan Jamshidian Consulting Editor: Hashem Bana''''pour Art Work: Ashrafosadat Moosavilar Executive Secretary: Mahrnoosh Forutan Printing & Binding: Az-Zahra University Press Copy Maker: Muhammad Salmani TahÊqiÎqaÎt-e `UluÎm-e Qur''''aÎn Wa HÊadiÎth follows the following objectives: 1."

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