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The Reversible Image of Successful Women in Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls


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This paper deals with Caryl Churchill’s famous play, Top Girls (1982). The focus of this paper is directed towards Marlene, the protagonist of this play, and her surreal guests whom she invited to her dinner party. Discussing Marlene's success, her way of life, and her treatment to other women around her, this paper analyses Marlene as a character and how she can be compared to Thatcher, the British Prime Minister. The paper also discusses the stories of Marlene's guests and the way they consider themselves successful. The paper exhibits the success stories of these women and how they suffer to reach their success. Measuring the success and fame they reached, the paper explores how the success of these women can be regarded a failure for the feminist case as their success cannot be regarded as a landamark for success for other women nor other women should exactly follow their steps.

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