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For Better Composition Writing


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This paper aims at explaining the importance of learning certain aspects of the writing skill which help learners to write good composition. Therefore, it presents a number of steps which can be followed in teaching composition and which can make its teaching clear, easy, understood, and interesting. In other words, the aim of this paper is to teach learners some basic points about writing composition because knowing how to express ideas in writing in an organized way is important for them. The paper includes two sections. The first section is devoted to presenting and defining three important concepts: writing, speech and composition. It shows their vital role in the teaching process and the connection holding between them. This section serves as a base for presenting the ideas and explanations in the second section. The second section is intended to provide answers to a number of questions related to different aspects of teaching composition. Answers to these questions constitute the theme of the second section. The questions include: - What does writing require? - How can learners' compositions be improved? - What are the methods followed to build up good compositions? - What type of difficulties do learners face when learning how to write? As a result, a number of steps which can be used in teaching and which can make it effective and interesting are illustrated in this section. These steps should be followed systematically if one wants to master the written form of the language. Throughout the presentation of these steps, some methods and techniques will be suggested and explained to facilitate the process of teaching and to ensure that learners will get ready for the act of writing and gain a high degree of efficiency.

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