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On Translating English Sports Nicknames into Arabic


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N owadays, the transfer of English sports nicknames invades the Arabic sports reporting which tends to make much use of them. These nicknames are frequently used to dub players, clubs, stadiums, coaches, etc. that sometimes their original names are no longer used by journalists, commentators or fans. Thus, it seems very interesting to deal with such brand- new field full of twists and turns, oddities and quiddities. The transfer of nicknames may seem easy which is not true for it poses crucial problems for translators owing to the fact that they reflect not only the English culture and language but also even other ones like Italian, Spanish, etc. That is also due to the phenomenon of globalization of such sports as soccer, tennis, baseball and so on. This requires the translator to gauge the target language (TL) familiarity before adopting any translation strategy.

خلاصه ماشینی:

"d. ) Finally the initials of the first and second names are only left: 12 DJ for David James 46 B Nicknames Relating to Performance on the Field: 1 Batigoal for Batistuta (a terrific scorer of goals) (ibid. ) 8 The Beautiful Game for Soccer (Nicknames for the Sport itself, 2004) 9 Super Mario for Mario Basler (Should be obvious why!) (Podnar, 2000) 10 Speedy Gonzalez for Gonza'lez, Christian (ibid. (Podnar, 2000) 8The White Knight for Andre Agassi (He agreed to change his colored clothes for allwhite kit at the 1995 Wimbledon tennis tournament (Beard, 48 1998:21) 9 The Bat for Cle Kooiman (He broke his cheekbone and had to wear a face mask that made him look like a bat) (Soccer Nicknames, n. TL readers cannot be assumed to possess the relevant background knowledge on the cultural aspect of that source language (SL) nickname and the translator must provide explanation and information. Typically Hatim & Mason (1997: 141) state that one may say of translators that they are constantly exchanging some thing not only by engaging in a dialogue with a source text producer and a likely text receiver but also by brokering a deal between the two parties to communicate across linguistic and cultural boundaries. For example: نــادی for Manchester Unitedالشــیاط ین الحمــر Red Devils ١ مانتشستر یونایتد ادواردوهیرتادو for Eduardo Hurtadoالدبابة The Tank ٢ for Marcelo Salas مصــارع الثیــران (أو الماتــدور) Matador ٣ مارتشیلو سالاس C Functional Equivalent: This common strategy, applied to cultural words, requires the use of a culturefree word, sometimes with a new specific term… (ibid."

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