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Investigating the Narrative Skills of Late Talkers Through Sequential Picture Stories


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late talkers ،narrative skills ،language delay

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Investigating Narrative Skills Late ، Narrative Skills Late Talkers Through ، LLE ، Late Talkers Through Sequential Picture ، Transcription ، Methods ، IQ ، Children LLE TD ، Picture Stories ، Results

Objectives: The purpose of the present study was to investigate the abnormalities observed in the oral narrative skills of late talkers mostly caused by mental disorders while they try to comprehend a wordless sequential picture story to create and narrate the relevant story. Methods: Totally 15 (10 male and 5 female) individuals were selected based on the purposive sampling. The participants were the students of a specialized school for physically and mentally retarded students. They were the students of grade one ranging in age from 6 to 13. All of them had language delay which was caused by mental disorder. Their narrations were observed and recorded in a semi natural setting by the researchers and their speech therapist. Results: Based on the data collected from the interview tackled by the researchers it was concluded that most of the students were not able to keep the sequence while narrating the picture. Discussion: With regard to syntactic patterns, all of the sentences were holophrastic or two-word utterances bearing a simple structure although some exceptions were noticed. An element which was mostly seen in the participants was their inability to name the objects because of their restricted lexicon; therefore they compensated this shortage through trying to define the function of the words they wanted to utter.

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