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The Effectiveness of Verbal Self-Instruction Training on Math Problem-Solving of Intellectually Disabled Students


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solving ،Boy students ،Intellectually disabled ،Math problem ،Verbal self ،instruction

کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Effectiveness Verbal Self ، Solving Intellectually Disabled Students ، University Social Welfare Rehabilitation Sciences ، Instruction Training Math Problem ، Tehran ، Social Welfare Rehabilitation Sciences Iran ، Tehran Provinces ، Iran ، Tehran Province ، Experimental

Objectives: The study was aimed to determine the effectiveness of verbal self-instruction training on math problem-solving of intellectually disabled boy students in Tehran Provinces. Methods: The study was a semi-experimental with pre-test and post-test design with control group. Thirty intellectually disabled boy students were selected randomly through cluster sampling method from 9th grade students. They were assigned to experimental and control group equally. Experimental group participated in 8 sessions and were trained by verbal self-instruction program but control group did not. All students answered to a teacher-made math problem-solving test before and after the training sessions. Data were analyzed by analysis of covariance. Results: Findings showed that there was a significant difference between two groups according to math problem-solving performance (P<0.002). Discussion: It can conclude that verbal self-instruction training probably leads to promote math problem-solving performance of intellectually disabled boy students.

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