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Aural Habilitation in Severe to Profound Hearing Impaired Children Below 2 years


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خلاصه ماشینی:

". [11] oral language acquisition is highly dependent upon what the deaf child can hear , hence , appropriate amplification and cochlear implants , pro- vide deaf children with a means of accessing the auditory information that are essential for language development [12-13] . Therefore , the main purpose of this study was to examine one of the language skills mean length utterance , in sever to profound hearing impaired children received aural habilitation at a very young age ( mean age 17 months ) and then to compare the result with normal hearing children at the same age ( 4 -4. Methods : Subjects : Nine sever to profound hearing impaired children , out of the primer 42 cases , who were detected below two years old were selected for the study to receive aural habilitation . 1(SD= 0/98 ) (Table 3) Discussion : In this study , MLU , as one of the aspects of language skills , in 9 sever to profound prelingualy hearing impaired children was investigated . [22] 3- In case 3&6 language skills , were consistently superior to the rest sever hearing- impaired children (case 4,5,7,8,9), in all aspects and at all age levels ."

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