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Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale for people with mental retardation, emotional disorders, and behavioral problems


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Objectives: The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale-II is useful in assessing an individual’s daily functioning. They can be used as an evaluation and diagnostic tool for individuals who are mentally retarded or individuals with other handicaps. Methods: To determine the efficacy of VABS in clinical settings, 3 cases with mental retardation and behavioral or emotional problems were evaluated according to instruction scale in clinical settings. The subjects were referred to take rehabilitative and psycho educational aids. Results: The analyses of the obtained scores exhibit a powerful dimension of the VABS to discriminate weakness and strength adaptive behavior's components. Discussion: The VABS can be used to develop individual educational, rehabilitative, and treatment programs and can monitor progress during such a program. Finally, the VABS can be used in research in which the development and functioning of handicapped and non-handicapped individuals are investigated.

خلاصه ماشینی:

"57 Raw scores Standar d Band of error Nationa l norm Stanine Supple mentar Adequa te level Suplim entary Age equival Sub domain scores x-=100 SD=15 group y norm group norm group adequat e level ent Receptive 26 adeq 7-10 Expressive 62 Mod 19-6 Written 32 Mod 11-9 Communication SUM domain 126 124 +9 95 1 Mod 12-6 Personal 75 Adeq 10-2 Domestic 22 adeq 8-0 Community 44 Mod 11-9 141 109 +9 73 6 adeq 9-10 Inter relationships personal 38 Mod 4-10 Play and leisure time 24 Mod 5-0 Coping Skills 20 Adeq 6-2 SOCIAIZATION DOMAIN SUM 92 76 +10 5 2 Mod 5-8 Gross Find SUM OF DOMAIN STANDARD SCORES 309 ADAPTIVE BEHVIOR COMPOSITE 104 +7 61 6 adeq 9-4 COMMUNIC ATION DOMAIN DAILY LIVNG SCALS DOMAIN SOCIALIZAT ION DOMAIN MOTOR DOMAIN 124+ 9 109+ 9 76+1 0 + 104+ 7 Figure 5. Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales: Interview edition survey form Individual's name: case "C" Chronological age: 8-10-0 Her performance in the items of the interpersonal Relationships and play and leisure time sub domains was reviewed to generate more specific hypotheses about her 58 functioning in these areas."

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