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Ergonomics Issues in The Construction Safety


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Iran ،safety management ،Construction safety ،Construction accidents

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Ergonomics Issues The Construction Safety ، Safety ، Iran ، Construction ، Construction Regulations Construction Regulations ، Occupational Safety Health Management ، According Iran Social Security ، The Iran National Regulations ، Labor Relations Department Ministry Labor ، Methods

Objectives: Because of the high rates of accidents, the construction industry has become a hazardous industry in Iran and therefore paying more attention is required. This paper investigates safety management in construction companies for improving workers’ safety as one of the ergonomics aims. Methods: In order to survey the safety management in construction companies a questionnaire was prepared and all aspects in construction safety management structure were included. Results: The main important problems of safety management in construction include: lack of safety training, lack of provision of personal protection equipment, absence of safety and health specialized staff in construction sites, disuse of safety regulations and lack of updated rules, traditional management attitudes toward safety as a cost. Discussion: Despite other industries, safety, health, and environment management have not found its true position in the construction sector however some construction companies have established some provisional measures recently. Among the most important problems in safety management in the construction sector, these items can be mentioned: regulations need to be reviewed considering the type of project, low cultural level of the working class, and safety leadership do not perform well in the construction sites.

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