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Evaluation and Analysis of Personal, Family and Social Issues Affecting the Participation of Razi University Kermanshah Female Students Proven Communicative Approach of Sports


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خلاصه ماشینی:

"001 Personal barriers in the partnership between the priorities of women's sports, there are significant differences, And in the order in which the findings were mentioned by prioritizing, And with the research (Ehsani et 1382) that 40% of female students, do not in any sport activity company and its cause, lack of time, resources, interest, money, social relationships, by the vehicle of infinite knowledge, skill and health has been announced, complies, As well as with research (part Nya 1382) also complies to the following results in the context of the factors that hinder the exercise can be found in female students: laziness and impatience with 13/9% of the first rank, second class facilities with 13%, and the habit of not having to exercise with 12/4% of the third rank is assigned."

صفحه: از 157 تا 160