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Central Asia in Chinese Geopolitical Imagination


علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم)/ISC (21 صفحه - از 21 تا 41)


Objective: This article aims at analyzing how the imagination of a country form a region have caused the formation of a new geopolitical vision and how this formation has led to an expansion of country bound up to that region. To do that, the article first presents a theoretical background and explains how china's imagination from central Asia is formulated. The article then applies this analysis to the case of China relations with Central Asia with respect to how this imagined geography shapes the priorities of china foreign policy in the region. Method: The method in this research is descriptive-analytical and data and information are required by the library method and summarize historical data. Results: Article findings show that given the historical background of China-Central Asia relations and cultural commonality, China's imagination of Central Asia is positive and China is seeking to exploit the geopolitical capacities of Central Asia to strengthen its political and economic power. Besides, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, geopolitical codes such as security, economics and the formation of a great game have led to deepening China's relations with Central Asian countries. Conclusion: Examining the characteristics of the geopolitical image of China from Central Asia has shown that the country uses several geopolitical codes to extend its connection with the countries of the region. However, among these codes, there are specific codes that Beijing uses to adjust its relations with the countries of the region, which include the great game, economy, and security.

کلیدواژه ها:

Security ،Economy ،China ،geopolitics ،Central Asia ،Imaginations

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