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The Effects of Gender and Type of Stimulus Presentation on Serial Reaction Time مقاله



Background: Serial Reaction Time (SRT) is a simple task specifically designed to examine reaction time and learn implicit sequences. Objective: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of gender (male and female) and type of stimulus (orderly and disorderly) on the serial reaction time. Methods: The sample included 30 students of physical education (15 males & 15 females). All subjects were right-handed and none had a history practice serial reaction time task. To measure the reaction time was used a serial-reaction time test (SRTT), that was included 8 blocks and stimulants were presented on the screen for blue, yellow, red and green and participants responded to stimuli with non-dominant hand. To investigate the effects of gender and type of stimuli was used repeated measures ANOVA test. Results: The results showed that gender has not significant effect on response time, but has significant effects of the stimulus presentation on reaction times and reaction time higher in stimuli disorderly. Conclusion: The findings suggest that exercise can be effective on reaction time and eliminate gender differences in reaction time. Also, implicit learning during the implementation serial reaction time of orderly stimulus is affected in the reaction time.

کلیدواژه ها:

Sex difference ، Serial Reaction Time ، Orderly Stimulus ، Disorderly Stimulus

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