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Creative Cities: A Case of Mumbai مقاله

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Civilisations and cities have always been a cradle for nurturing art and culture. From cave paintings to digital art and folk tales to cinema, a varied form of arts have shaped people and civilisations and sustained creative economies. Today, however, we are moving towards an urban development which does not taken into cognizance, the significance of art and culture in its built form, leading to a growing void in the cultural understanding of the city and distancing people from the arts. Recreation and social life is moving away from places and activities that stimulate our senses and incite our curiosity leading to an experiential starvation. A cultural study of the city of Mumbai and its evolution over the past few centuries, leads us to various layers at which culture exists. It also leads us to understand the lack of access to cultural spaces in Mumbai, which can lead to a mental disconnect with the history of the city and its neighbourhoods, especially for its youth and children. Therefore, the study raises the need for an impetus on art and culture whilst drawing out development guidelines for cities. It attempts to envision a city that uses urban design as a tool and the arts as a medium to connect people and influence appropriate urban transformation.

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Art ، culture ، Community ، Creative city ، creative economy ، Mumbai

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