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Newly Found Bulla fromUrartian Site of Bastam in Iran مقاله


علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم) (‎5 صفحه - از 56 تا 60 )


The area between three Lakes Sevan, Van and Urmia was the main region of the Urartians from 9th to 6th centuries b.c. Accordingly, a number of Urartian inscriptions may be found within the borders of present-day Iran. Some of these inscriptions are inscribed over bullae. Urartian bullae were produced mainly to seal vessels. Twelve Urartian inscribed bullae have been already found at the Urartian fortress of Bastam. There is another newly and accidentally found one from Bastam. This bulla has an inscription carved over it and three stamp seal impressions have been made over it. The inscription content is “100 seal” and the seals are badly damaged but seem identical. The trace of a strip passed from inside of the bulla is visible.

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Seals ، Urartu ، bulla ، Bastam ، Cunieform Inscriptions

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