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internet marketing strategies


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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Internet، Marketing Research Intelligence Strategic Planning، Internet Marketing Strategies، Co، The Internet Information Revolution، Marketing Strategies Biotechnology Companies، Internet Marketing Strategies Biotechnology، Customer Relationship Management Web، The Internet، Beyond Customer Relationship Management

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"Many of authors have discussed Internet marketing strategies based on 4Ps framework [Brennan et al, 2003], but we think that marketing strategy is beyond 4Ps. In the virtual markets, information can fundamentally influence the dimensions of competitive advantage in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Figure 1: Three Sources of Marketing Advantage As figure 2 shows, Internet marketing strategies has been divided into five categories [Kassaye, 1997]: - Entry strategies - Experimental strategies - Assortment of incremental strategies - Nichiny strategies - Consolidation strategies Figure 2: Evolutionary Internet Marketing Strategies for Biotechnology Companies In an effort to clarify and reconcile the various views and streams of marketing, Boride et al [1997] developed a classification scheme based on a synthesis of both European and North American schools of thought in marketing, across the service, interaction, channels, and network streams of research. As marketers learn more about their customers, they can use this information to create and propose more value for customers; attract them to buy the offered products, increase customers’ loyalty, and make long run, interactive and beneficial relationships. Having intellectual competency, a company can gather useful information from customers, competitors and market then it can formulate an effective marketing strategy. As figure 3 shows, we classified these strategies into five categories: - Transactional - Profile-based - Relational - Knowledge-based - Customer-oriented Figure 3: Marketing Strategies in the Internet Markets Transactional strategies Having this category of strategies, a company uses Internet and Information Technology tools to reduce cost or improve product quality. Then, we classified new developed Internet marketing strategies based on competency approach of strategic management as a contingent approach."

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