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a new approach to compare the impact of direct and indirect payments on regional macroeconomic indices


ISC (19 صفحه - از 193 تا 211)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Gini Coefficient Food Processing Industries، Coefficient Food Processing Industries Gini، Food Processing Industries Gini Coefficient، GRP Personal Services Food Processing، GRP، Personal Services Food Processing Industries، Food Processing Industries، Iran، Gini Coefficient، Scenario Second Scenario First Scenario

خلاصه ماشینی:

"A New Approach to Compare the Impact of Direct and Indirect Payments on Regional Macroeconomic Indices Nooraddin Sharify 1 Abstract Keywords: 1- Introduction Governmental subsidies that are generally paid indirectly aim to protect the low-income group welfare through preventing the basic needs price increase. Journal of Faculty of Economics University of Tehran Volume 12 Winter 2007 No. 18 Hosein Abbasinejad - Hamid Abrishami - Hosein Kavand (1-26) Trend Break or Unit Root in GDP of Iran Abdolnaser Hemmati - Reza Zamani (27-49) Co-integration Relation for Oil Production in Alternative Hypotheses about OPEC Behavior Mohsen Mehrara (51-62) The Relationship between Stock Market and Macroeconomic Variables: a Case Study for Iran Elaheh Koolaee (63-83) ECO and Regional Trade Javad Mir-Mohammad Sadeghi-Seyed Komail Tayebi-Mohammad Jamshidi (85-102) Price and Expenditure Elasticities of Demand for DomesticTourism in Iran: The Case of Hamedan Province Ali Moeini - Mehdi Ahrari, - Saeed Sadat Madarshahi (103-120) Investigating Chaos in Tehran Stock Exchange Index Saeed Moshiri - Esfandiar Jahangard (121-142) ICT Impact on the Labor Productivity in the Iranian Manufacturing Industries; a Multilevel Analysis Kazem Sadr - Mohammad-Ali Kafaie - Bahram Haidari (143-159) Islamic Agricultural Finance and Growth Majid Sameti - Shekoofeh Farahmand - Fateme Enayati (161-178) A Spatial Analysis of Poverty in Muslim Countries Hashem Aghazadeh - Mohammad Rahim Esfidani (179-191) Internet Marketing Strategies Nooraddin Sharify (193-211) A New Approach to Compare the Impact of Direct and Indirect Payments on Regional Macroeconomic Indices Faculty of Economics University of Tehran Tel: 021-88634001-5, 88026419 P."

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