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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Israel Occupied Territories Israeli، The Arafat Israel Qods، The Second Palestinian Intifada، Getting Arafat Barak Sharon، Since Intifada Palestinian، Intifada، Issue Qods Israeli، Anomie Chaos Intifada، The Palestinian Intifada، Israeli

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"Since Intifada is not limited and Palestinian problems has extended from occupied areas to Islamic-Arabic area, it is also difficult to limit Intifada poetry to Palestinian poets. ABSTRACTS Issue of Qods and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Since the fall of 1999 the final- status negotiations between Israeli and Palestinan negotiators have started. This article in addition to examining the issue of Qods and its importance in the peace talks, will discuss the present status of Qods in negotiations and different possibilities regarding the final solution. The paper concludes that the first and second scenarios deal with the process of Intifada, the third with outcomes while the fourth scenario focuses on the starting point of the crisis. Israel and Occupied Territories: Excessive Use of Lethal Force In response to concern at repeated reports of Israeli security forces using excessive lethal force in the policing of demonstrations by Palestinians, on 4 October the Amnesty International sent two delegates to"

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