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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Impact News Highlights People، Iran، The Faculty Social Sciences، The Iranian Center Political Research، Iranian، Tehran، Similarly، Furthermor، Furthermore، Social Classes Educational System

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"The Impact of Subsidies on the Choulation of Newspapers By: Dr. Meytham Moosai Assitant Professor, The Faculty of Social Sciences, Tehran University Abstract In this paper the researcher has made an attempt to evaluate the impact of the government subsidies paid to the newspapers, either directly or indirectly, to arrive at suitable answers for the following questions: 1- Does the payment of subsidies have any effect on the choulation of the newspapers and the demand for them? Normative and Organizational Factors Influencing the Productivity of University Faculty Members By: Dr. Mohammad Amin Qane''i Rad (Assistant Professor, The Iranian Center for Political Research) and Farideh Qazipoor (Senior Counselor; Social Science Research) Abstract An important index of a country''s scientific development is the amount of scientific works produced in that sountry. In this research paper, the author makes an attempt to study the normative and scientific factors that influence the amount of scientific works produced by the faculty members of the various universities of Iran in order to examine the process of the production of scientific works. A careful examination of the statistically processed data gathered for this research indicates that certain normative and organizational factors have a direct impact on the The Impact of News Highlights on People''s Priorities By: Seyyed Nooroddin Razavi Zadeh Abstract News highlights are the direct outcome of the interactions between media,the masses, the political system, and social conditions. In this research paper the author has attempted to review the level of importance given by newspapers to cultural issues by studying highlighted newd items and the manner in which they are highlight by the media."

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