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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Foundation Imposed War Immigrants Fars، As Foundation Imposed War Immigrants، War Immigrants Settled Fars Province، This Khuzestan Iran Shiraz، The Grounds Legal Independence Profession، Iran، Factors Adaptability Khuzestani War Immigrants، Despite، Effective Factors Encouraging School، Tehran

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"Effective Factors in Encouraging School Students to Offer Prayers (Salat): A Review By Ali Sade''''i Abstract Prior to the current research, the writer of this article has examined the theoretical principles of the subject and has reviewed twelve research projects that have been conducted in this field and he has then gone on to formulate three questions and five assumptions. The Factors Leading to Child Labor: A Review A Case Study of the Kashan City By Dr. Abdul Ali Lahsa''''i Zadeh & Hojjatollah Ashrafi Abstract This article as an attempt to review the phenomenon of child labor which has come to be one of the most sensitive issues of the present century. According to the author, various studies show that despite and age-old historical background, the administrative system of Iran is not in a very desirable condition, and despite the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the ensuing political and social developments, the system still continues to grapple with numerous intricate problems and issues. The author further emphasizes that as a result of the application of wrong managerial methods, the unofficial organization can cause considerable The Sociological Factors Impacting Organizational Commitment: A Review By Dr. Ali Mo''''infar Abstract Taking into consideration the belief that organizational commitment can be evaluated from different angles, in this article the author attempts to positively analyze this issue from a sociological point of view. The author is of the opinion that owing to its peculiar nature, the organizational commitment of employees plays a very significant role in the success of the organization and it is, thus, important to recognize the factors that impact it."

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