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کلید واژه های ماشینی : High School High School Students، School High School Students Bushehr، Junior High School High School، High School Students Bushehr Province، Image Women World Fiction، Case Study Junior High School، Rasht، Choosing Islam God، Tehran، Experiences Native British Converts

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The research has succeeded in putting forth a typology of the studied youths shupping patterns in four different social environments arising from the commibation of cultural and economic assets. The results gained in this research indicated that each of the variables such as parents'''' education, family income, respondent''''s education, the rate of commitment of friends, parents and the schools'''' staff to social roles and norms, the sense of belonging to and interest in socializing institutions and groups and, the respondents'''' rate of educational activities and participation in extra-curriculom activities all have positive and meanining ful relations while the family-dimension variable has reverse and meaningful relation, with a certainty rate of 95 percent, with the sociability of young adults and youths. The results also showed that each of variables including sex, family structure, birth place, organizational memberships, parents'''' occupational status, educational level in the junior highschool and in total, in both educational levels and the reference group, with a certainty rate of 95 percent, all have a meaningful relation to the sociability of young adults and youths. But the relation of each of variables such as age, educational year and level in high school to sociability of young adults and youths, with a certainty of 95 percent, is not meaningful. Generally, results gained from multi-variable regression indicated that the analytical model presented for defining sociability among young adults and youths enjoyed a good predicting power and has been able to explain 51."

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