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The Effect of Amount of Training to Type Per Day and Frequency of Sessions on Mean Hours to Learn an and error rate


ISC (10 صفحه - از 53 تا 62)

It has long been claimed that spaced practice for one of the learning categories, motor skills, is typically more effective in acquisition and leads to better retention, but the potentially powerful variable of amount of training per day has been neglected which is the question of the persent research. Four groups of apprentices were trained to type Zarnegar. Training was based on sessions lasting one or two hours once or twice per day. Learning was most efficient in the group given one session of one hour per day, and the least efficient in the group trained for two sessions of two hours per day. Retention was tested after one, three nine months, and indicated a loss in speed of about 30%. Again the group trained for two daily sessions of two hours performed most poorly. It is suggested that were operationally feasible, training should be distributed over time rather than massed. A better schedule is one session per day, which is slightly more effective 1 group was faster and more than the 2 X than two. The 12 group. X accurate after 60h training.

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