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Reasons for the Lack of Sponsor’s Support of Professional Female Athletes in Sanandaj


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"By investing in sports, governments and private companies can achieve a lot of advantages; on the other hand sports can play an effective role in their different aspects of economical developments. Results of a research based on developments and strategy of attracting a sponsor in Canadian women’s ice hockey showed that the goal of companies to attract sponsors is to increase the sale, involve community, introduce the brand and increase awareness so having a sponsor can cause useful effects. RESULTS Table 1 showed 66% of managers believed that professional women sports can increase sales less than average. رجوع شود به تصویر صفحه According to table 2, 44% of managers believed that women sports can increase people’s awareness of the company very little. 68% of corporate managers believed that women sports has no effective role in attracting new customers."

صفحه: از 13 تا 16
13 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

14 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

15 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

and 72% declared that women sports cannot‌ play‌ a significant role in strengthening customer relations.76‌%Spread‌ media‌ coverage is not reachable.


The results‌ show‌ women sports increases sales of company very little. This result is inconsistent with‌ Sparks‌ and Westgate (2002) results. This‌ inconsistency‌ between Canadian‌ and‌ Iranian‌ sponsors seems to be the result‌ of‌ media coverage of games, commercial contracts, sports Ads, presence of the audience‌ and‌ fans, and world competitions. Iranian women‌ don’t have these. Also‌ results‌ show women sports changed people‌’s attitude‌ towards the company less than average. So the results of this survey are‌ inconsistent‌ with Benveniste and Pigot (1988‌). They‌ showed‌ continuing sponsorship has‌ a more‌ positive effect on people‌ and‌ changes people’s attitude towards the company. It’s obvious that it takes sponsorship a long time‌ to‌ be valid. The reason of this‌ inconsistency‌ can be‌ the‌ lack‌ of continuing investing in‌ women sports. Most of companies’ investments are short term.


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16 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9