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The Relationship between Motivation and Citizen Participation in Public Sports and Recreation to Economic and Social Situation in the Metropolis Kermanshah


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"CONCLUSIONS The results showed that socioeconomic status motivated participation in public sports and recreation is a significant positive correlation with the results Kantrz et al. And the results of Prince et al (2112) is inconsistent (4) In addition to the results of the regression analysis in this study showed That the economic class, income and parents' educational level predictors for stronger motivation to participate in sport and recreation are the universal due to importance and impact of public health development of the sport in the country is one of the key factors affecting health due to importance of sport and exercise among the country's policies, officials and managers of sports organizations is proposed to be associated with sport attempt to identify the motivations and attitudes to sport and recreation in public areas and different socio-economic classes around the country to understand the motivations and attitudes of people in different areas of the sport, and the equipment to suit their needs in the development of sport stadium and facilities act."

صفحه: از 189 تا 192
189 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

190 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

191 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

attitudes of people in different areas‌ of‌ the sport, and the equipment to‌ suit‌ their‌ needs‌ in‌ the development of‌ sport‌ stadium and facilities act.


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192 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9