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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Most High God ، Mysticism Divinity Most High God ، Volume Asfar Islamic Mysticism ، Paulo Coelho ، Graduate Level Seminary ، One Paulo Coelho ، Ibn ' Arabi ، Asfar ، comReceived ، After

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"comRecevied: 2012/3/10 - Accepted:2012/7/3 Gnostics’ Analysis of theDoctrine of the Way between Free Will and Determinism Asqar Nouroozi 1 Abstract The exposition and analysis of man's free will and the kind of the Most High God's activity in as far as man's volitional actions concerned in the fields of theology, philosophy and mysticism can be considered three longitudinal and sound interpretations. comReceived: 2012/3/10 - Accepted: 2012/6/25 The principle of "Creating Man according to the Divine Form" from the Viewpoint of Ibn 'Arabi Mohammad Miri 1 Abstract The question of creating man according to the divine form whose content corresponds with the ontological and anthropological foundations of theoretical mysticism can be easily proved by religious doctrines. comReceived: 2012/3/11 - Accepted: 2012/6/9 Mysticism and a Reviewof the Main Reasons the Impossibility of Explaining It Mas'ud Isma'ili 1 Abstract One of the signs of the salient feature of gnostic experience or intuition is that it cannot be explained; which indicates the "impossibility of putting the gnostic experience in words"."

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