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Developing and Validating a New Wireless Wearable Device for Balance Measurement in Sport and Clinical Setting


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خلاصه ماشینی:

"The device which can measure the static and dynamic balance abilities in sport and clinical setting by the traveled signals of ultrasonic transmitter and receiver between two feet was developed and validated. The results showed high reliability between the data of static and dynamic balances obtained from the ultrasonic device and through the methods of Stork and Y (the SEBT modified version) (r=0. For each tests of static (Stork test) and dynamic balances (Y test), the subjects performed 6 tries (3 of them was done through the traditional balance measurement method and 3 through the new SDUB device) and the number of errors and the time of first error in the Stork test and the error distance (cm) in the Y test were recorded. Like other wearable wireless systems, the high validity and reliability of the SDUB device, in addition to lower standard error of measurement in comparison with the traditional methods, are indicative of its accuracy in the measurement of the Stork and Y balances and is a good reproducibility of its test results which is very important in balance tests. Therefore, with regard to high validity and reliability of the device, together with its special advantages over other instruments in the measurement and analysis of balance tests of Stork and Y, researchers in the field of sports and clinical setting are recommended to use this device in their investigations and evaluation of balance tests."

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