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The University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences at a Glance


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خلاصه ماشینی:

"MD The University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWRS) was established in 1992 * with the goal of pro­ viding and developing opportunities for knowledge creating, education and research in Health related matters and Rehabilitation and Social Welfare. به تصویر صفحه مراجعه شود)) The University was founded in a period of time, in which post-war conditions of eco­ nomic reconstruction ,emerging new con­ cepts in Social Welfare , reducing poverty and promoting social protection, problems of women , youth and aged were regarded as prevailing matters of the country . Goals: -Training of necessary p ersonnel f or p rovid­ ing special and advisory services, and p oli­ cy making in Rehabilitation and Social Welfare of the country with respect to p ro­ moting attitudes, skills and knowledge . In service training courses of the University به تصویر صفحه مراجعه شود)) regarding promotion of knowledge of its employees and executive body of Welfare,treatment and Rehabilitation sec­ tions, has specially been emphasized by the University."

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