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National Program on Amblyopia Prevention in Islamic Republic of Iran


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Blindness ،Disability preventation ،Amblyopia

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The younger the child , the faster and more dramatic is the response to short peri­ ods of occlusion therapy 2 • History: " National Program on Amblyopia Prevention " , is a vision screening pro­ gram of preschool children aims at identi­ fication of amblyopia and all of the eye disorders which themselves impair visual acuity and predispose eyes to amblyopia at golden ages i. - This campaign stresses on 5 important key points or figures : !-Amblyopia can cause permanent vision loss in children ; 2- Lazy eyes may seem normal when we watch them; It can be treated easily only early in life and ideally before 5 years of age ; 4- If treatment is neglected it becomes increasingly more diffi­ cult and unfortunately the condition becomes untreatable ; 5- Every child must undergone a visual examination for at least once when she/he is 4 to 6 years of age."

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