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An Introduction to Razi Psychiatry Hospital


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Razi Psychiatry Hospital is one of the most important clinical and educational fields with respect to mental health in Iran. It has a long record of service in this regard since the last century. This piece of writing aims to make a concise acquaintance with its different goals, committees, departments, activities and investigational efforts.

خلاصه ماشینی:

"D) Assistant Professor of Psychiatry University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWRS) Summary: R azi Psychiatry Hospital is one of the most important clinical and educational fields with respect to mental health in Iran. Organization and Staff: Razi Psychiatry Hospital with the capacity of 1200 patients, twelve large psychiatric wards, one medical ward with 40 beds, including Coronary Care Unit (CCU) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 1150 staffs, including 92 nurses, 12 occu- patinal therapists, 50 psychologists, 16 social workers, 36 psychiatrists, 18 psychiatric residents, four child psychiatrists, two neurologists, two internists and seven general physi- cians, two Radiologists, one Pharmacologists, two Dentists and periodic visiting by ophthalmologist, cardiologist, dermatologist or any other necessary specialist, is trying to promote clinical management of its patients. Although such attempts are being done routinely in different academic mental health fields, but their application in Razi Psychiatry Hospital under the influence of USWR's doctrine regarding indispen- sable perpetuation of rehabilitation in the process of goal setting of handicapped persons has a special position, since the admitted patients in Razi Psychiatry Hospital are tradi- tionally among the most severe, treatment refractory and deprived patients, who are rejected or frus- trated by other mental health cen- ters, therefore applying such pro- grams for actualizing Deinstitutionalization movement, is an aim beyond a mere academic interest or granting advantage. Department of child psychiatry, also, is another active academic sci- entific group in this hospital where, in addition to dealing with behavioral problems of the children and adoles- cents, tries to apply a comprehen- sive educative program for training the psychiatric residents and apply- ing the national mental health pro- grams, approaved by the Ministery of Health and Medical Education, in the schools and high schools."

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